Special Needs Committee (SNC)

The Horsemen Special Needs Committee (SNC) is a committee that is dedicated to sharing information regarding the individual needs of all learners. Whether your child has an individualized Education Program, 504 Plan or a typical educational program, it is our mission to help each and every child reach his or her potential. Since we are an organization comprised of parents, guardians, caregivers and educators, our dialogue is both informative and supportive. We help each other discover various resources that will enrich the lives of all students with special needs. Moreover, we advocate on behalf of all children.

We enthusiastically welcome you to join the Special Needs Committee. When joining the PTA online, please select the option for SNC membership.

If you’d like to keep in touch and learn more about the SNC’s work in our schools, please click here to join our mailing list.

For a list of helpful online resources, please visit our SNC resources page.

Share your experiences, parenting and teacher strategies, and what works best for your child!

To get in touch with the SNC, please email SNC Co-Chairs Andrea Harrison or Wanda Myers at snc@horsemenpta.com

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