Fund the Future by Supporting the PTA   


PTA provides programs and activities to enrich our students and support our teachers.  We cannot do it without your help. To provide the minimum of what you’ve come to expect, we must raise $30,000 each year.  That $30,000 allows principals to bring in whole-school presenters, supports the arts programs, gives mini-grants to teachers for items they would otherwise not receive, provides money toward field days, and runs community programs such as an Earth Day clean-up and movie nights. Imagine how we could support the children — our future — with even more money raised.

View how we raised and spent funds for the 2018-19 school year

Please take a moment to look at the fundraisers we will run this year and see where, if you’re able, you might support our efforts to better the school experience for every child and staff member.  Thank you, TUFSD families!


  • School Supplies (School Tool Box) fundraiser
  • Boosterthon Fun Run (elementary schools only)
  • Photo Day (elementary schools only)
  • Scholastic Book Fair (WI)


  • Barnes & Noble Book Event (Middle School)
  • Spirit Wear


  • Square 1 Art fundraiser (elementary schools only)
  • Scholastic Book Fair (Morse and JP)


Lauren McBride

Horsemen PTA Fundraising Coordinator

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