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The Parent Teacher Association is a 100% volunteer organization made up of Parent volunteers that supplies valuable resources and funding to support all types of school programs.
(Check out our Made Possible by HorsemanPTA Contributions Page for some examples.)  This web site was created to provide information about the PTA, its officers, events and programs. We invite you to join our organization and make your child’s experience in school an even more memorable one for yourself and your children.

WANTED: Halloween Costumes

For lots of families, costumes are an expensive item that’s not in the budget. Do you have any clean, gently used Halloween costumes suitable for kids K – 8?

IF SO: Please bring clean new & gently-used kid-appropriate costumes to any of the following locations:

  • John Paulding School
  • W.L. Morse School
  • Washington Irving School
  • Sleepy Hollow Middle School

Collection dates: OCT. 4-20

They will be offered to students who don’t have a costume, but who might like to dress up for the Halloween school parades and Trick-or-Treating events around town.

Please help us make this small drive into a huge success, and clean out your “dress-up” closet at the same time – WE’RE THE HALLOWEEN CAPITAL OF NEW YORK , and every kid should get to feel like Spiderman or a Princess for a day if they would like to dress up!

Thank you for your support – Horseman PTA


Para muchas familias, los disfraces son un artículo costoso que no esta en el presupuesto. ¿Tiene algún disfraz de Halloween limpio y ligeramente usado para los niños de K-8?

SI ES ASI: Traiga los disfraces limpios, nuevos y usados, que sean apropiados para niños acualquiera de los siguientes colegios:

  • John Paulding School
  • W.L. Morse School
  • Washington Irving School
  • Sleepy Hollow Middle School

Fechas de recaudación: Oct. 4-20

Se les ofrecerá a los estudiantes que no tienen un disfraz, pero que les gustaría disfrazarse para los desfiles de la escuela de Halloween y eventos de Truco-o-Trato alrededor del pueblo.

Por favor, ayúdanos a hacer que esta pequeña campaña sea un gran éxito, y de paso, limpia sus armarios al mismo tiempo – SOMOS LA CAPITAL DE HALLOWEEN DE NUEVA YORK , y cada niño debe llegar a sentirse como Spiderman o una Princesa por un día si quisieran disfrazarse!

Gracias por su apoyo – Horseman PTA

Horsemen PTA and Rivertown Parents present a screening of “Angst: Raising Awareness around Anxiety”

The Horsemen PTA and Rivertown Parents proudly present a screening of the movie:

Angst: Raising the Awareness around Anxiety
Thursday, October 12th at 7pm
Sleepy Hollow High School Auditorium

This documentary film, brought to you by the producers of Screenagers, looks at anxiety in our youth, its causes and effects, and what we can do about it. Angst interviews students who suffer or have suffered from anxiety, parents and professionals, and explores anxiety’s causes and sociological effects, while offering tools and resources to provide hope.

Panel discussion directly after the movie.  The film will have Spanish subtitles and the discussion will be translated.

The Horsemen y Rivertown Parent PTAs presenta con orgullo una proyección de la película:

Angustia: Crear conciencia sobre la ansiedad
Jueves 12 de octubre a las 7 pm
Auditorio de la Escuela Secundaria Sleepy Hollow

Este documental, presentado por los productores de Screenages, analiza la ansiedad en nuestra juventud, sus causas y efectos, y lo que podemos hacer al respecto. “Angustia” entrevista a estudiantes que sufren o han sufrido ansiedad, padres y profesionales, y explora las causas de la ansiedad y los efectos sociológicos, a la vez que ofrece herramientas y recursos para brindar esperanza.

Panel de discusión inmediatamente después de la película. La película tendrá subtítulos en español y la discusión será traducida.

Horseman PTA Meeting Minutes – September 8, 2017

Amada Reimundez – President
Andrea Gottschall – VP, 8th grade/Spirit Wear
Angel Rafter – VP, 8th grade
Ben O’Connell – VP, Kindergarten
Christina Grillo – VP, 2nd grade
Dancy Balestrieri – VP, 3rd grade
Daphne Uviller – VP, 4th grade
Donna Gates – VP, 7th grade
Elia Londono – VP, 4th grade
Fiona Galloway – VP, 5th grade
Julianna Aloia – VP, 1st grade
Karina Arreola – VP, 4th grade
Lauren McBride – VP, 1st grade
Leah McVey – VP, 5th grade
Mitch Sylves-Berry – Parent Ed/Rivertown Parents
Nitasha Kumar – VP, 6th grade
Phyllis Arduino – Membership
Samantha Ford – VP, Kindergarten
Sara Scipioni – VP, Kindergarten
Tara Schatzel – VP, 4th grade
Laura Richardson – Box Tops Fundraiser
Sheila Murphy – VP, 2nd grade

Meeting called to order. Introductions.

Thanks to everyone who helped at Morse’s Back to School Night last night.


Photo Day
Leah McVey will be point person with the photography company for the elementary schools.
JP and Morse – Recruiting
WI – Leah McVey

Book Fair
Dancy Balestrieri will be point person with Scholastic for all schools.
JP: Samantha Ford
Morse: Christina Grillo
WI: Will recruit at Back to School Night
SHMS: Dancy Balestrieri

Wrapping Paper
Donna Gates will be point person with the wrapping paper company for all schools.
JP: Sara Scipioni
Morse: Alison and Sheila Murphy
WI: Leah McVey and Tara Schatzel
SHMS: Angel Rafter

  • The flyers are awaiting approval with the superintendent’s office. Once they are approved, Donna will put the packets together for delivery October 20.
  • Fundraiser will run from Oct 20-Nov 3. Purchases can be made online.
  • The merchandise will be delivered to the schools on December 7. Each school will receive its own delivery.
  • Donna will write a detailed email to each Wrapping Paper Chair in the coming weeks.

Square 1 Art
JP: Recruit at Back to School Night
Morse: Lauren McBride
WI: Amada Remundez

  • Ms. Barrett asked the chairs need to send an email reminder to the art teachers.
  • We will start thinking about this event more in December.

Chess Club

  • Amada Remundez will serve as point person with the chess company for Morse and JP.
  • Individual coordinators are needed for each school.

Spirit Wear
Andrea Gottschall is the coordinator for all schools.
JP: Christina Grillo will send volunteer information to Andrea when it is all compiled.
Morse: Nitasha Kumar
WI: Leah McVey.

  • We will need volunteers to sell Spirit Wear at the various school events, such as Book Fairs, Back to School nights, movie nights.
  • High school kids should be available to do this as part of their community service hours.

Class Parent Teas
Budgets for the teas were confirmed as follows:
JP: $250.00
Morse: $75.00
WI: $75.00

Back to School Nights

  • Dates were reviewed.
  • Need to recruit new volunteers.
  • VPs from other schools should try and attend events to staff tables for the home school’s VPs while they are in the class meetings.
  • Sign-up sheets for JP and WI were passed out for review. WI sheets have been returned to Christina for small corrections. JP will email any corrections to Christina before their Back to School Night.
  • We need volunteers for the WI and JP Back to School Nights.
  • Andrea will do Spirit Wear at WI. The Boy and Girl Scouts will also have tables there.
  • The Middle School only hosts a Membership Table at their Back to School Night. Amada will send out a reminder email before each Back to School Night.


VP Reminders

  • All VPs should check their PTA mailboxes.
  • All VPs should set up a meeting schedule with their respective Principal.

PTA Meeting Schedule

  • We will start having evening PTA meetings to accommodate people who work during the day.
  • We will alternate – one month we will have a morning meeting, the next an evening meeting.
  • Right now we are considering Mondays at 7 pm for the evening meetings.

Superintendent Meetings

  • The first PTA/Superintendent meeting will take place on Wednesday, 9/20 at 1 pm.
  • VPs will rotate attending this meeting.


All check requests and financial matters should be sent to Fatima using the following treasurer-specific email address: tufsdtreasurer@yahoo.com.

Reimbursement Procedure:

  • Forms are on the Horseman PTA web site.
  • Reimbursements should be submitted with receipts to Fatima Gianni, Treasurer, as soon as possible after the event.

Budget and Financial Forms Update

  • We don’t have a printed budget yet, but it is coming.
  • Fatima is in the process of updating all the online financial forms on the website.


Halloween Costume Drive

  • VPs need to think about the Halloween costume drive, as Pamela is not directing it this year.
  • Each school should think about making a flyer.
  • The point person for each school will need to work with the social worker to coordinate the distribution of the costumes.

Middle School Movie Night – November 3

  • May sell pizza again as a fundraiser as it was successful last year.
  • Not sure if they will let the students vote to pick the movie, or if they will just pick the movie.
  • The movie night is for middle school students only.

Selection Committee Training
Please remind parents about the Selection/Hiring Committee Trainings.

Information Sharing

  • During the WI VP meeting, Mrs. Bretti asked how the information VPs receive from the principals during these meetings is shared with the greater parent population.
  • Monthly updates should be forwarded to Karen as part of the minutes on the website.
  • We should have Jean O’Brien include this information as part of her Sunday night email blasts. The blast should include a link to the PTA website.
  • Add the PTA web site address to all flyers.
  • We are going to try and have more teachers join the PTA and attend our meetings.
  • Need to find the PTA Facebook page admins to update them and start using the page for regular updates.
  • We will consider setting up VP-specific email addresses next year. For example: Morse@tufsd.org. This email address would be passed down from year to year, to make it consistent.

Nitasha mentioned that Swagat will participate in a program which would donate a portion of a night’s proceeds to the Horseman PTA. We should find out more information about the collection and distribution of funds.


  • Sept. 9 event was canceled due to lack of volunteers.
  • We will reschedule for September 30.
  • We will sell Spirit Wear and distribute membership forms.
  • Christina will send out the sign-up genius as we get closer.

June 15, 2017 PTA Minutes


Jacki Geoghegan

Angel Rafter

Paul Pirozzi

Dancy Balestrieri

Thomas Lipping

Leah McVey

Christina Grillo

Pamela Louis

Phyllis Arduino

Nitasha Kumar

Donna Gates

Amada Reimundez

Mitch Sylves-Berry

Jen Povman

Andrea Gottschall


-Welcome/TASH update

Our meeting was called to order at 8:37 A.M. by Angel. Christina Grillo gave a summary of the PTA’s 1st TASH representation last Saturday at Patriot Park. A table was manned with flyer hand-outs and crafts for children. Foot traffic was light, perhaps due to spring sports practices. PTA agreed to try and keep a presence at TASH this fall. Jen Povman agreed to help man our table. Christina said she will sign us up again for a table in September. The board suggested selling spirit-wear at these events. Christina also agreed to send an email reminder in August to the board to help represent at our table in September.

-Rivertown Parents Update

Mitch Sylves-Berry reminded Christina and all board members that all registered PTA members have access to the email distribution list of Rivertown Parents. Mitch noted the following upcoming Rivertown events: Tinker night, kid’s money management workshop, a college transition seminar, and a mental health presentation that will be hosted by Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow.

-PTA Branding

The board agreed on focusing their efforts on branding, getting more recognition in the community for our PTA. Some ideas included posting pictures on our horsemen website, utilizing Jean O’Brien’s email blasts more frequently, creating a position on the board for nursery school representative. The rep could attend nursery school events and inform new parents how PTA works. Members of the board also suggested that chairpersons of past events post various tips and protocol procedures of said events on our website as guidelines for new chairpersons in future years. Phyllis Arduino has agreed to attend and represent PTA at certain events this summer, for example, Shakespeare in the Park. If 3rd Friday should return, the board agreed to get a table at this event.

-School Updates

JP-Nitasha Kumar said they had their last principal meeting. She mentioned that PTA wants to be a part of the prek/k registration next calendar year at JP. Fun day is all set for June 21st. Registration for kindergarten was moved up to January and February (earlier than last year).

Morse- Dancy Balestrieri mentioned that field day was last Friday June 9th, and all leftover food was donated to the Life Center in Sleepy Hollow, with thanks to Christina for coordinating a wonderful day! Dancy spoke with Principal Holland and they agreed he would address bullying and specifically social media bullying at Morse. Dancy mentioned to Mr. Holland the idea of having a Morse PTA representative present at any principal/parent meetings if the parent wished. The PTA’s position regarding this issue is to suggest to any affected parties the appropriate chain of command to follow with instances of concern. Parents should always advocate for the child by keeping the lines of communications open with teachers first, and if necessary, escalate up the chain of command at the appropriate school and ultimately with the district superintendent. Jen Povman and other board members suggested a statement be included at back to school night regarding all bullying.

WI- Field day will be tomorrow June 15th and they are hoping for more volunteers to help out at the event.

MS- The middle school transition committee met yesterday to discuss new ideas to help children make the transition from WI to MS more smoothly. The committee hopes to meet with the new MS principal in July. Pam suggested putting some bullet points on the horsemen PTA website to help parents and kids with their transition.

-PTA Board Position Planning

Jacki Geoghegan distributed a printout of the latest PTA board positions for next calendar year. She advised the board that she received some email responses for possible volunteers for next year. She suggested to the appropriate board members to follow up with these individuals.


The board agreed that the wrapping paper fundraiser will continue next year, the board needs to select the best vendor for this event.

Pam noted that we still could use some more Halloween costumes for this October. She suggested mentioning this costume drive at our TASH table in September.

Pam and a few others suggested forming a committee to bring together all of our community fundraisers for better planning and cooperation; a calendar meeting of sorts that would reduce redundancy and hopefully eliminate the feeling of fundraising fatigue in our community.

In conclusion, Jacki and Angel thanked all board members for their tireless efforts during their tenure as co-presidents. Of special note, Paul Pirozzi, Kelley Anniccherico, Thomas Lipping and Katie Scully, who will be retiring from their positions this year. Donna Gates led the board in thanking Jacki and Angel for all of their hard work as co-presidents, and presented them with gift cards and flowers as a token of the board’s appreciation.

Our meeting adjourned at 9:55 AM

May 19, 2017 PTA Meeting Minutes


Jacki Geoghegan

Angel Rafter

Paul Pirozzi

Dancy Balestrieri

Thomas Lipping

Lauren McBride

Kelley Anniccherico

Leah McVey

Christina Grillo

Karen Kuhn

Pamela Louis

*Pamela Fisk (Director of Human Resources)

Elia Londono

Karina Arreola

Phyllis Arduino

Daphne Uvilles

Juliana Aloia

Nitasha Kumar

Donna Gates


Our meeting was called to order at 8:33 A.M. by Angel and Jacki. Director of Human Resources, Pam Fisk was in attendance, and the board went around the table with introductions. Pam advised the board that the district will be hosting a 1 hour training seminar this summer for individuals interested in participating on any district wide interview committees. The training will focus on appropriate and legal questions to be asked of potential candidates, in addition to other important information. Pam will have a flyer distributed communicating the details to our community. The board also agreed to send any other suggestions to her at pfisk@tufsd.org.


-Angst (Breaking the Stigma around Anxiety):

Indie-Flix Foundation is offering our district this documentary that focuses on anxiety, its causes and effects, and what we can do about it. This is the same foundation that brought us the Screenagers documentary. The target audience is 5th graders and up. The cost is $1,000.00; however, Indie-Flix is providing our district with a 40% discount on the cost if we book before Memorial Day. Jacki is asking the board for feedback by early next week. http://www.indieflixfoundation.org/angst/.

-PTA Planning

Jacki asked the board to email their intentions for next year PTA positions. Jacki created a “Help Wanted” flyer to communicate open PTA Board positions to the district. The flyer will be distributed via backpack mail, and will be included in Jean O’Brien’s weekly email blast.

-PTA Branding

Christina Grillo questioned why our PTA isn’t better attended. Angel and other board members agreed that we have very low brand recognition. The board suggested that our monthly meeting dates go out in Jean’s email blast. Pam Louis mentioned Emily McCormack as a resource to help with our brand recognition. Nitasha suggested a digital newsletter to improve our presence. Some board members suggested holding some of our monthly meetings in the evenings with principals, and different administrative positions as guest members.

-Parent/Teacher Conference schedule

The district will be changing the academic year for K-5th grade back to trimesters with the parent-teacher conferences occurring before the distribution of report cards to the homes. The board agreed that this format will help to give parents ample time before report cards to know where their child needs improvements. It should also move the conferences away from simply reading off of the report cards.

-Fundraising & TASH initiative

June 10th is the first date on the TASH calendar where we will have our Horsemen PTA table set up to create more community awareness. Christina also mentioned that she will have copies of our new “Help Wanted” flyer on the table to help recruit new board members.

-Volunteer Thank You Event & PTA Book Drive

Instead of a daytime event thanking the volunteers in our district, the board is considering an after-hours event, perhaps in a park, where volunteers can bring their children. There would be light refreshments served. There is a PTA Used Book Drive currently in progress.

The gently used books can be donated from May 22-June 9th at any of the school buildings. Jacki is in need of volunteers to help sort these books the week of June 12th. If available, please contact Jacki Geoghegan at jacki_geoghegan@yahoo.com.

-Miscellaneous Questions/Discussions

Pam Louis mentioned that there seems to be some issues regarding the transition of students from WI to the middle school. Angel and Pam agreed to meet with Ms. Bretti, Ms. Strippoli and Ms. Mullin to discuss.

-School Updates

MS- Mitch is working on setting up a meeting with the new principal in June. The middle school spring dance will take place tonight, Friday May 19th.

WI- The staff appreciation lunch was a success, with many compliments from the staff. The 5th graders have completed their gardening project in the front of W.I. Amy White and Leah McVey will take over the greenhouse project at W.I. Angel advised the W.I. VP’s that PTA will provide the same amount of funding for field day inflatables as last year.

Morse- Staff Appreciation Luncheon was a success, with flowers and raffles. Many thanks to Melissa Miller and her help in organizing this event. Christina Grillo mentioned the planting project that is underway in front of Morse school. They are working on having a 4-square board painted on the playground. Leah advised Christina to speak with Ms. Chulla about the 1st grade Publishing project.

JP- The staff Appreciation Luncheon was a big hit. Our meeting adjourned at 9:49 AM, our last meeting is scheduled for Friday June 9th.