2019-20 Horsemen PTA Mini-Grant Winners

Sleepy Hollow Middle School

Special Education Teacher Megan Lasky – Flexible seating options (Flex-Space comfy stools and Flex-Space lounge & learn curved couch) to improve the learning environment in a classroom which serves 77 special education students across 6th, 7th and 8th grades (three teachers use this classroom). 

8th Grade English Teacher Kristen Stiene and 8th Grade Math Teacher Maria Sabbouh – Supplies for two 8th grade FLEX classes (Ninja team) to start a school store. Students are learning about running a business (accounting, sales marketing, design, etc.) and will sell school supplies and apparel to SHMS students under teacher supervision. All profit raised by the store will benefit the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.

Special Education Teacher Kelly Whelan – Expansion of current pre-vocational center to include important life skills to aid in student independence, including: opening a lock with a key, plugging in and charging an electronic device, and fastening a seat belt. Materials to be reused and benefit eight students/year.

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher Michelle Sciullo – Supplies for “Creative Space” class for 90 students in 6th grade (Red Hot Chili Pepper team). Students work independently or collaboratively on STEM activities. Connects to social emotional program initiative “Steps-A.”

Counselor Mario Coronado – iPad to use apps to enhance individual and group dialectical behavior therapy sessions and social emotional learning program. Available to all middle school students.

ENL Teacher Andrea Calabrese and 6th Grade English Teacher Kirk Dietz – Supplies for a garden program, to benefit all 6th grade students. Students will grow and harvest salad greens, herbs and pumpkins.

Washington Irving School

Special Education Teacher Kelly Campana – Fitness class trip to Fit4Fun for the communication class (four students)

Special Education Teacher Kathleen Mannion – Social Emotional Learning (SEL) library to be centrally located and accessible to all staff. These books will help teachers teach skills including social awareness, positive thinking, conflict resolution, kindness and inclusion. To benefit all WI students. 

Washington Irving Greenhouse – Heating mats and bio-domes to replace the existing seed starting cylinders. These supplies will improve conditions for germination and lead to higher success rates for student planting. Will benefit all 5th grade students. 

W. L. Morse School

1st Grade Teacher Jenne Mazzarella – Author visit by a young author and his father, who co-wrote a picture book, to inspire students and kick off an ELA unit about fictional characters and writing fictional stories. To benefit all 1st graders.

Math AIS Teacher Catrina Weaver – Sensory wall on the second floor of Morse that would be available to all students. To be comprised of sensory “panels” with various textures.

1st Grade Teacher Megan Delo – Rotating bookshelf to allow her 18 students better access to books at their various reading levels in a small space

1st Grade Teachers Jacqueline Ford and Tara Bryden – Supplies for the entire 1st grade to run “duck unit” in which each classroom receives ten duck eggs, and the students predict, observe, measure, collect data and analyze data while they learn about organism growth and development.

Physical Education Teachers Ray Farrell and Debbie Brennan and Principal Torrance Walley – Gaga Ball Pit to be used for outdoor recess. To benefit all Morse students.

2nd Grade Teacher Joy Sherwood – Materials to build a proper habit for their class pet, a bearded dragon. To benefit 18 students this year and upcoming school years. Students learn responsibility and practice science and math skills with their pet.

John Paulding School

Kindergarten Teacher Patricia Buckley – Funds for each kindergarten classroom to adopt an animal via World Wildlife Fund. For upcoming instruction on animals and informational writing, environmental awareness.

Psychologist Anna Ginther – Supplies to replenish “Cool Down Boxes,” a successful project started last year via a PTA mini-grant that gives one to each K and Pre-K classroom for students to use as needed. To include extra boxes.

Principal Maureen Barnett – Funds to start a composting station in the lunchroom. To benefit all current and future K students. To include required materials and services, training for cafeteria staff, and assemblies for the students via Greenburgh Nature Center.