Volunteer Resources

This page is for volunteers who are coordinating different EPTA-sponsored events. You will find different forms that will be helpful in running your event as well as different flyers, letters to staff and general publicity documents.  Please check the sub-categories for additional forms.

General Forms

Use Of School Facilities
Use this form if requesting use of an auditorium or multi-purpose room for general events such as Movie Night or Game Night. This form is not required for Book Fairs, Photo Day, etc.

PTA Check Request Form
Use this form for reimbursement for any general expenses incurred doing PTA business, such as Class Parent Tea, Book Fair expenses, Yearbook expenses, Fun Day expenses, March Math Madness expenses, etc.

PTA Funds Received
Use this form after an event/activity where monies have been received. This must accompany all money given to treasurer.

Book Fair

Class Parent Coordinators