May 2022

PTA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2022 / 8:30 AM / Zoom


Annie Cauthren, Camilla Markarian, Christina Papadapoulos, Sophia Rana, Brenda Rodriguez, Fay Serafica, Brianna Staudt, Mechtild Steinert, Daphne Uviller, Andrea Williamson


  1. General Greetings and hellos (2 min)
  2. May Treasurer’s Report ( Bri, 3 min)
  3. SHHS Scholarship Recipients chosen (Sophia, 2 min)
  4. Morse Scholastic Book Fair recap (Bri, 5 min)
  5. SHMS Movie Night Update (Brenda, Sophia, 3 min)
  6. Elementary Schools’ Movie Night plan (Christina P, 3 min)
  7. Clothing Wardrobe Update (Daphne,Sophia, Elissa,  3 mins)
  8. Tech Night Update (Brenda, 2 min)
  9. Get out the Vote (Bri or Daphne??? 3 mins) 
  10. Committee & School Updates: JP / Morse / WI / MS / HS / 
  11. Rivertown Parents/ SNC / Heads Up/ DEIQuestions and Comments


  • May Treasurer’s Report (Bri)
    • Bri following up with reimbursement/check requests before the end of the school year (6/30)
  • SHHS Scholarship Recipients chosen (Sophia)
    • Scholarship committee met and chose 3 recipients ($200 each)
    • Will be awarded on awards night 6/6
  • Morse Scholastic Book Fair recap 
  • SHMS Movie Night Update (Sophia)
    • Give back event, 1st big event since pandemic
    • Spent $165 and made $1,400
    • Dunk tank success! Kids had a great time
    • For next event – staff presence invaluable, recruiting high school students for community service hours when there are not enough parent volunteers
  • Elementary Schools’ Movie Night plan (Christina)
    • 3 movies up for vote, students choosing the movie
    • 5-8pm Friday 6/10, WI auditorium
    • Raffle, photo booth, pizza
    • Sign up for parent volunteers and donations needed for concessions
  • Clothing Wardrobe Update (Daphne)
    • 1st Ukrainian refugee with son came to get clothes
    • Rides still in issue, but figuring out solutions
    • Experiential learning program in process
  • Tech Night Update (Brenda)
    • 7 families attended
    • Assisted with parent portal, remind, providing emails to schools
    • Led by Jean O’Brien 
    • More sessions to come
  • Get out the Vote (Sophia, Daphne)
    • Continue promoting on social media
    • Budget vote and bussing proposition
  • Committee & School Updates:
    • JP (Annie)
      • Wrapped up Square Art with Kindergarten
      • Staff appreciation lunch last Friday went great
      • Mini-grant lego kits, kids loved it
    • Morse (Christina & Bri)
      • Book fair & tours, parents enjoyed being able to be in the school
      • $13,600 in book sales
      • 3 opportunities for families to shop, 1 breakfast and evening event
      • School preferred 3 hour format for evening event
      • For next year – against having the book fair on the weekend
        • hardest time getting volunteers, wasn’t a good flow
        • focus on the weeknight and evening event instead of a weekend event
        • Lots of orders, hard to keep up – need 5 people instead of 3
      • Field Day – June 10th
        • Getting water slide
    •  WI (Bri & Sophia)
      • Yearbook sales are under, but still receiving funds – 300 available
      • Sold $4,000+ so far in sales, but $8,685
        • Hoping for last minute sales
      • Approx $900 in funds donated to offer free yearbooks to students in need
        • 40 students have been identified
    • MS (Daphne)
      • Staff appreciation lunch went well
      • Amazon giift cards to be awarded to students on awards night instead of Visa card  
    • HS 
      • First staff appreciation lunch in HS
        • 3 slots, different foods for teachers
        • Warm food available throughout entire time
      • Differences in communication within HS
      • Difficulties in meeting with principal due to schedule conflicts
    • Heads Up 
    • SNC 
    • Rivertown Parents 
    • DEI
      • Set date for Dia de Regreso a Clases – Saturday, 9/10
      • Begin recruiting more parents and high school students to take part in the PTA DEI committee
        • Grade reps invited to attend at least one meeting next year to discuss DEI issues in their school
          • Grade reps add DEI to monthly meetings
        • PTA DEI can invite DEI committee’s from schools to attend
      • All Schools required to have a DEI Committee made up of staff and at least 1 parent rep
        • Morse’s DEI committee meets quarterly
      • Latin Festival – 7/26, free event
        • PTA invited to have a table
        • Can PTA banner in Spanish be printed in time for this event?
    • Questions and Comments
      • Events coming up – email Fay to add to website
      • Equity in staff appreciation, better sharing of practices and resources
        • JP – only school does not accept homemade food donations 
        • Transportation needs to be included in staff appreciation moving forward
          • Can they be included in admin staff appreciation?

Action Items

  • Fay to add yearbook info to website 
  • DEI – reach out to each school’s DEI committees to invite to meetings for next school year