Mini-Grants in Action

The Horsemen PTA is excited to share photos of our MINI-GRANTS IN ACTION to bring awareness of what we do in our community!

Kindergarten Teachers, Xiomara Kluge, Kiera Astacio-Rojas, Yosleydy  Reyes, Regine Revilloza were awarded a PTA mini-grant which was used to purchase 4-in-1 play centers for three kindergarten and one  Pre-K class. The centers can be used to grow oral language skills through dramatic and  thematic play. 

Thanks to a mini-grant awarded to 3rd Grade Special Education Teachers, Christine Calvert and Robin Suarez, the children enjoyed the Earth Dome program. The teachers received positive feedback from some parents, as their children went home and talked about the “giant globe in our gym.”

Thanks to a mini-grant awarded to 5th grade teachers, Christine Greiner and Eileen Horan, to purchase books for their classroom library.

Thanks to a mini grant awarded to Mr. Michael Garguilo, a SHMS Science teacher, the 7th grade students learned about the diverse array of wildlife living in their own backyard from experts at Teatown Lake Reservation Center.

Thanks to a Horsemen PTA mini-grant awarded to Mrs. Jenn Kuhn Barone, SHHS Psychologist, students (and some staff members!) enjoyed creating and using stress balls to ease anxiety before test taking last week. Students will be able to do this activity again during finals using the materials from the mini-grant.

Thanks to a Horsemen PTA Mini-grant awarded to SHHS English teacher, Sarina McGough Choi, forty English Honors Class seniors (and three chaperones) attended Some Like it Hot on Broadway on a field trip to NYC. The students spent the day walking around midtown, learning and experiencing the best Manhattan has to offer. Seniors had lunch at John’s Pizza, enjoyed Times Square, watched the city pass them by on the Steps on the NY Public Library, and witnessed skaters in Rockefeller Center.

Quotes from students of SHHS English 12 Honors Class

“The trip was wonderful, getting out into the city to see historical sites, as well as an amazing Broadway show!  The experience was a once in a lifetime experience.” 
— Emily Burk

“Thank you Sleepy Hollow PTA for helping make this wonderful opportunity a reality.”
— Diego Martinez

“Thank you to the PTA for this amazing trip. It was the best trip I have ever had.”
Christopher Panjon

“I absolutely enjoyed every moment that we spent in New York City as a class.  I am very happy that this trip was possible and that we had the opportunity to learn more about the beautiful environment of the city.” 
— Victor Luzuriaga Ledesma

“I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to attend this field trip.  I got the chance to see places and landmarks in the city I’ve never had the chance to see before!  The Broadway show Some Like It Hot was full of life, energy, and humor.  Our chaperones were responsible and generous to us, while also keeping us in check.  It is not an easy feat to keep 40 rowdy teenagers in check, but they succeeded nonetheless.  We moved as a unit and stayed city-safe, but we also had a wonderful time just watching the city go by.  This was by far one of my favorite field trips I’ve gone one.” 
— Emma Krebs

SHHS Science teacher, Leana Peltier, applied for funds to help expand and replenish a tea station she had started herself pre-Covid for her 10th, 11th, and 12th grade Anatomy, Physiology, and AP Biology students.  This tea station creates a warm and relaxing environment that adds an element of comfort for her students while they are tasked with learning their subject matter.  As a reflective educator, Ms. Peltier is always thinking about how best to support all her students and create positive learning experiences for them.  She says “how students feel in a classroom has a direct impact on their ability to focus, learn, and be successful in their academics.  The classroom environment can influence how students feel about themselves as learners.” 

Here are some student comments about what “tea time” in her class means to them:

“it gives me something to look forward to and makes me excited to go to class.  Even when I have a hard or long day, tea rejuvenates my willingness to learn and wakes me up”

“it helps me feel more comfortable in class and relaxes me when I’m feeling stressed”

“It lets me have a break and gives us more freedom in class””it’s always such a relief and something I look forward to.  It gives me a little break from school and relieves so much stress”

“It’s such a nice part of my day and makes the classroom less gloomy, and creates a warmer environment.  It’s also tasty”