School Tool Box

Have your school supplies shipped right to home!

For years, guardians and teachers alike have expressed an interest in an online school supply ordering option. Now, that option is here!

The Horsemen PTA has partnered with teachers in grades Pre-K–8 (more may join in, so keep an eye out) to post each grade’s supply lists on SchoolToolBox.com. Your supplies are delivered right to your home.

Five percent of your purchase (approximately $1-$3) will go toward funding everything from chess club in the lower grades to helping send kids on the 8th grade Washington DC trip (fingers crossed for 2023). The Horsemen PTA also funds mini-grants for teachers, movie nights, and other community events. You’ll have the option to donate more if you choose. 

While you’re on the site, you can fulfill items on teachers’ wish lists if you choose. Teachers’ granted wishes go directly to them.

HOW: It’s easy. 

  1. Go to SchoolToolBox.com and create an account. 
  2. Search for your child(ren)’s school by name.
  3. Select their grade(s) for 2022/23. You do not need to know the teacher’s name.
  4. Select all or some of the required items. Select all or some of the suggested items.
  5. Consider donating to the PTA and consider purchasing items off teachers’ wish lists, including those of specials teachers.
  6. Your supplies ship to your home.

Thank you for your support!