Order WI Yearbooks by June 10

It’s time to purchase your WI yearbook!

In these uncertain times, we can still enjoy special memories from this past school year. The WI yearbook features photographs of all WI students, with a special focus on our graduating 5th graders. It contains individual and class photos as well as photos of clubs and events. Don’t forget the always-fun 5th grade baby photos!

The deadline to purchase is June 10. The cost is $27 per yearbook. You can purchase the yearbook on our PTA unit’s Memberhub store via this link: https://nyspta-horseman.memberhub.store/shopping/categories/27118 or via the red “Support the PTA” button on this website. You will also find two different options to donate toward the cost of a yearbook for 5th grade students in need, if you so choose.

Distribution information to come at a later date.

Cover of this year’s Washington Irving School yearbook