Budget Vote

Mail in Your School Budget Ballot TODAY

Update: On June 7, Governor Cuomo signed an executive order stating ballots received by the district clerk in the mail by June 16 will be counted. The deadline for “hand-delivered” ballots remained June 9 at 5 p.m. The secure ballot box was removed from the exterior of the TUFSD administration building at that time.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the school budget vote and Board of Education trustees election will be held via mail this year. All eligible voters should receive their ballots in the mail by the date of this post. Ballots are due back to District Clerk Nelly Valentin by 5 p.m. on June 9. PTA recommends mailing back your completed ballot by Thursday, June 4, to ensure it arrives on time. Ballots will come with a postage-paid envelope to use, so you do not need your own envelope or stamp to cast your ballot. You can also drop off your ballot in the secure mailbox at the main entrance (rear of the building) of the TUFSD administration building, located at 200 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, anytime before 5 p.m. on June 9.

PTA cannot recommend you vote for or against a budget. However, we aim to clearly communicate what happens if a budget passes or fails. If this budget fails, our district will be forced to enact a contingency budget, which will force $1.8 million of cuts that will inevitably affect staffing, class size, and programs. Many of the district’s other costs that have gone up since last year (insurance, etc.) simply cannot be cut.

Please refer to the most recent Bridges newsletter you received in the mail, the budget card that was mailed, or this page on the district website to review the detailed contents of the budget, including details of the tax implications: https://www.tufsd.org/Page/5070

The terms of two Board of Education (BOE) trustees, Arturo Almanzar and John Paine, expire on June 30, 2020. Each BOE trustee serves for a term of three years and can choose to run for subsequent terms. There will only be two candidates on the ballot for these two open trustee positions: John Paine (incumbent) and Deb Taylor. Another individual, Cecelia Gordon, is mounting a write-in campaign.

Please follow completely the instructions on your ballot in order for it to be counted. Don’t forget to place your completed ballot in the oath envelope, seal, sign, date and fill out your personal information, and then place it in the mailing envelope. Your vote matters. Please cast your ballot!

See PTA’s FAQ on the 2020-21 budget vote and BOE election