May 19, 2017 PTA Meeting Minutes


Jacki Geoghegan

Angel Rafter

Paul Pirozzi

Dancy Balestrieri

Thomas Lipping

Lauren McBride

Kelley Anniccherico

Leah McVey

Christina Grillo

Karen Kuhn

Pamela Louis

*Pamela Fisk (Director of Human Resources)

Elia Londono

Karina Arreola

Phyllis Arduino

Daphne Uvilles

Juliana Aloia

Nitasha Kumar

Donna Gates


Our meeting was called to order at 8:33 A.M. by Angel and Jacki. Director of Human Resources, Pam Fisk was in attendance, and the board went around the table with introductions. Pam advised the board that the district will be hosting a 1 hour training seminar this summer for individuals interested in participating on any district wide interview committees. The training will focus on appropriate and legal questions to be asked of potential candidates, in addition to other important information. Pam will have a flyer distributed communicating the details to our community. The board also agreed to send any other suggestions to her at pfisk@tufsd.org.


-Angst (Breaking the Stigma around Anxiety):

Indie-Flix Foundation is offering our district this documentary that focuses on anxiety, its causes and effects, and what we can do about it. This is the same foundation that brought us the Screenagers documentary. The target audience is 5th graders and up. The cost is $1,000.00; however, Indie-Flix is providing our district with a 40% discount on the cost if we book before Memorial Day. Jacki is asking the board for feedback by early next week. http://www.indieflixfoundation.org/angst/.

-PTA Planning

Jacki asked the board to email their intentions for next year PTA positions. Jacki created a “Help Wanted” flyer to communicate open PTA Board positions to the district. The flyer will be distributed via backpack mail, and will be included in Jean O’Brien’s weekly email blast.

-PTA Branding

Christina Grillo questioned why our PTA isn’t better attended. Angel and other board members agreed that we have very low brand recognition. The board suggested that our monthly meeting dates go out in Jean’s email blast. Pam Louis mentioned Emily McCormack as a resource to help with our brand recognition. Nitasha suggested a digital newsletter to improve our presence. Some board members suggested holding some of our monthly meetings in the evenings with principals, and different administrative positions as guest members.

-Parent/Teacher Conference schedule

The district will be changing the academic year for K-5th grade back to trimesters with the parent-teacher conferences occurring before the distribution of report cards to the homes. The board agreed that this format will help to give parents ample time before report cards to know where their child needs improvements. It should also move the conferences away from simply reading off of the report cards.

-Fundraising & TASH initiative

June 10th is the first date on the TASH calendar where we will have our Horsemen PTA table set up to create more community awareness. Christina also mentioned that she will have copies of our new “Help Wanted” flyer on the table to help recruit new board members.

-Volunteer Thank You Event & PTA Book Drive

Instead of a daytime event thanking the volunteers in our district, the board is considering an after-hours event, perhaps in a park, where volunteers can bring their children. There would be light refreshments served. There is a PTA Used Book Drive currently in progress.

The gently used books can be donated from May 22-June 9th at any of the school buildings. Jacki is in need of volunteers to help sort these books the week of June 12th. If available, please contact Jacki Geoghegan at jacki_geoghegan@yahoo.com.

-Miscellaneous Questions/Discussions

Pam Louis mentioned that there seems to be some issues regarding the transition of students from WI to the middle school. Angel and Pam agreed to meet with Ms. Bretti, Ms. Strippoli and Ms. Mullin to discuss.

-School Updates

MS- Mitch is working on setting up a meeting with the new principal in June. The middle school spring dance will take place tonight, Friday May 19th.

WI- The staff appreciation lunch was a success, with many compliments from the staff. The 5th graders have completed their gardening project in the front of W.I. Amy White and Leah McVey will take over the greenhouse project at W.I. Angel advised the W.I. VP’s that PTA will provide the same amount of funding for field day inflatables as last year.

Morse- Staff Appreciation Luncheon was a success, with flowers and raffles. Many thanks to Melissa Miller and her help in organizing this event. Christina Grillo mentioned the planting project that is underway in front of Morse school. They are working on having a 4-square board painted on the playground. Leah advised Christina to speak with Ms. Chulla about the 1st grade Publishing project.

JP- The staff Appreciation Luncheon was a big hit. Our meeting adjourned at 9:49 AM, our last meeting is scheduled for Friday June 9th.