February 17, 2017 PTA Minutes


Jacki Geoghegan

Paul Pirozzi

Mitch Sylves-Berry

Leah Mc Vey

Amada Reimundez

Dancy Balestrieri

Andrea Gottschall

Fiona Galloway

Christina Grillo

Juliana Aloia

Thomas Lipping

Phyllis Arduino

Elia Londono

Donna Gates

-Welcome and Intros:

Our meeting was called to order at 8:35 A.M. by Jacki.


Angel and Kelley were not in attendance; however, they have everything ready for our March meeting. Analysis of last year’s revenue and expenses show that we broke even. We won’t be looking to add new line items, and budget cuts should not be required if we keep expenses constant.


There will be a brunch preview on March 14th hosted by Miss Chocolate, a possible new fundraising vendor. The board discussed Innisbrook vs. Charleston vendor, although no decision was finalized. Andrea G. suggested a plant/bulb sale, just not the same time as the wrapping paper campaign. Christina Grillo will speak with a representative of the TASH farmers market about getting Horsemen PTA a table. Phyllis suggested a new idea; “Summer in a Box”, a fundraising event that packages the sale of summer items such as flip-flops, sunscreen, hats, creams, and bathing suits.

-Calendar Overview

The calendar committee will be presenting to the Board of Education in March, to set up dates for next year’s school calendar. The options are similar to our current school year.

-Screenagers Recap and Finding Kind Trailer

Feedback was very positive from this well attended event. Parents and kids seemed to agree that it was a great conversation starter and everyone seemed to get a lot out of this very informative presentation. The same company that offered this event is now offering another video called “Finding Kind”.  Two friends travel across the country and expose the truth behind girl against girl bullying. Jacki showed the PTA board a preview video. Viewing of this video would be free, due to our purchase of “Screenagers”. PTA suggested opening it to Rivertown Parents and marketing the event through Girl Scouts. Andrea G. agreed to speak to Ardsley district concerning their opinion, and see if they have viewed/hosted this. The board discussed if it should only be shown in the evening, and whether to show it only to girls, or the coed population as well.

-School Updates


The book fair was held in the library this year. We are awaiting the results of a survey that was sent out for feedback. We are hoping to hold this event in the auditorium next year, due to a lack of space in the MS library. There are more than 180 students attending the D.C. trip this year. The trip is fully funded for students who need financial assistance. The board discussed having basic guideline requirements in place for scholarship assistance in the future. The middle school dance went well, and was well attended. The variety show was last night and any funds raised there will be going to the arts dept.


The blood drive will be held at WI on Thursday, March 2nd from 11:30 to 7:30 PM. The jump rope and Kid Stuff Coupon book events are currently in progress. A gardening plan/design is still needed. The principal chat helped explain that when the temperature is 25 or below, kids are kept inside. There are strict guidelines in place about kids not allowed to touch the snow and must stay on the black top when there is snow. Indoor recess is still in need of adult volunteers.



Box tops challenge is currently underway, and the students are very involved as the competition heats up.


The principal chat was mostly concerning volunteers for the book fair. Juliana will submit her check for last year’s square 1 art to Kelley A.

The Mini-grant committee meeting will be rescheduled for Feb. 27th or March 1st.

Our meeting adjourned at 10:16 AM, our next meeting is scheduled for Friday March 17th at 8:30 AM.