December 16, 2016 Meeting


Jacki Geoghegan

Angel Rafter

Paul Pirozzi

Mitch Sylves-Berry

Leah Mc Vey

Amada Reimundez

Elia Londono

Dancy Balestrieri

Kelley Anniccherico

Nitasha Kumar

Donna Gates

Pamela Louis

Andrea Gottschall

Katie Scully

Fiona Galloway

Karen Kuhn

Christina Grillo

Juilana Aloia

Jen Povman

-Welcome and Intros:

Our meeting was called to order at 8:41 A.M. by Jacki and Angel.


Kelley distributed a hard copy of the budget. Kelley reminded the board to have all their receipts submitted from the class parent teas; JP vice presidents advised that they will make sure to submit them. Angel advised the board to be more budget conscious this year.

-District Communications Survey

Jacki reminded everyone to please respond to the survey. Dancy and Karina are on the committee. Dancy advised that there are more than 750 responses and Mr. Borsari is hoping for more. Karen Kuhn will add a link on our site that will direct candidates to the survey.

-Screenagers Update

A 1 hour and 10 minute documentary dealing with social media, gaming and screen time management followed by a panel discussion with Q&A session. This event will be held January 31, 2017 beginning at 7:00 in the SHHS auditorium with Spanish subtitles. The event is funded by Horsemen PTA and will be free for the district attendees. Kids are welcome as long as they are with a parent or guardian, and preregistration will be required for this event. This event will be open to the Rivertown Parents partner districts.

-Mini Grant Committee

This committee will meet at the end of January and is open to all to attend. The following list includes PTA board members interested; Katie Scully, Christina Grillo, Donna Gates, Jen Povman, Dancy Balestrieri, Pamela Louis, Amada Reimundez, Nitasha Kumar, Andrea Gotschall, Mitch Sylves-Berry, Angel Rafter, Leah McVey, and Jacki Geoghegan.

-Spirit Wear

Andrea advised the board that ordering will resume at the end of January for spring delivery. They are considering including school (building) specific merchandise.

-School Updates


Mitch advised that the middle school is working to improve communications between the school and the parents.

The Washington DC trip is currently under funded, specifically for scholarships. They are hoping the two school dances will help close the gap. Donna mentioned that Principal Lopez is looking for fundraising ideas to help. The board suggested a walkathon, concessions at school plays, bake sales and possibly selling video footage of school concerts to the district parents. Donna will bring these ideas back to Ms. Lopez for discussion.

Katie mentioned that the BOE is discussing fundraising for the creation of a better surface to replace the hardpan behind the middle school.



Book fair was a success with many volunteers and over $13,400 in sales. Many books went to kids in need. Many positive comments came in from parents and teachers regarding better book variety this year.

Fiona noted that safety vests are now worn by staff at recess & dismissal.

Indoor recess will begin in January and there is a need for parent volunteers. Nitasha suggested creating an email asking for volunteers for a 10 week program to oversee crafts, board games etc. Karen Kuhn agreed to post this on the horsemen website.

“Hour of code” was a success at WI 2 weeks ago.

Photo re-take went well and the security guard seems to be working out nicely.

W.I.’s “Trudy Garden” needs a new coordinator to help design a landscaping plan. Katie mentioned a sponsorship from a local landscape business. Other board members suggested asking volunteers from Kendall to help with the garden.


Photo day went well, as they managed to stay ahead of schedule. Jacki advised VP’s to tell soliciting photographers that we are currently in a multi-year contract.


Nitasha and Juliana noted that the security desk has streamlined and organized their sign in system.

The wrapping paper fundraiser was a success. Unfortunately, backorders for all the schools went to JP. The VP’s agreed to work on better communication to avoid this happening in the future. Back orders should go directly to the parent/ordering party.

The JP Principal Fund was used to re-tune Ms. Garibaldi’s piano. The board denied increasing the Fund, but suggested that they apply for a mini grant. Additionally, the board suggested having all the district piano’s tuned for a volume discount in the future.

Our meeting adjourned at 10:27 AM, our next meeting is scheduled for Friday January 20th at 8:30 AM.