September 2016 PTA MINUTES

September 16, 2016 Meeting


Jacki Geoghegan

Angel Rafter

Paul Pirozzi

Tara Schatzel

Mitch Sylves-Berry

Leah Mc Vey

Amada Reimundez

Elia Londono

Dancy Balestrieri

Kelley Anniccherico

Nitasha Kumar

Karina Arreola-Flores

Sheila Emery Murphy

Donna Gates

Pam Louis

Andrea Gottschall

Katie Scully

Lauren McBride

Fiona Galloway

Karen Kuhn

Christina Grillo

Thomas Lipping

Juilana Aloia


-Welcome and Intros:

Our meeting was called to order at 8:38 A.M. by Jacki and Angel. We went around the table and introduced ourselves, for the benefit of several new members that have joined and were in attendance. Jacki distributed the agenda, and a flyer for the board “7 Things Volunteers Hate”. Jacki also mentioned two upcoming events that will be presented at the middle school; “Study Skills Presentation” on September 27th for parents, as well as “Screenagers Presentation” on October 26th for parents and their children. Information about both presentations can be found on our website, http://www.horsemenpta.com.



Kelley distributed a hard copy of the budget. She also reviewed the Check-request reimbursement form as well as the Funds Received Sheet Form. Kelley explained to the board that she cannot receive funds without a filled out form. Kelley reminded the board to have all their receipts submitted before June 30, 2017 for reimbursement. Kelley, Angel and Jacki reviewed the budget line items with the board. If there is a line item that a board member wants added to the budget, Jacki advised them to bring the idea to the board for discussion. Jacki used the smart board to discuss our website sign-in and some of the resources and forms that are accessible on the site. Angel distributed and discussed the new middle school budget.

Review-Events, policies:

The board asked if funds aren’t used from a budget line item, can they be used elsewhere. Jacki and Angel explained that the idea needs board approval before funds can be reallocated. Jacki used the smart board to review our Horsemen website. She explained volunteer resources, photo day event checklists and other resources on the site that can be very helpful to board members. Angel and Jacki announced that this is their last year as co-presidents. They reminded that the PTA needs to keep a strong working relationship with the Board of Education, the school administration and the community. If there are any issues, they asked the board members to be discreet, and to please bring these issues before the board as quickly as possible while remaining respectful and diplomatic with all concerned parties.


Tara is already working on the volunteer sign-up forms. Two back to school nights are already completed. She is working on the spreadsheet of the volunteers. Tara advised the board that sign-ups are stronger this year than last. Forms are still being submitted. Karina volunteered her help translating any forms for the board.


Photo Day coordinators are needed at WI and JP.   Leah McVey agreed to help out. Amada and Nitasha volunteered to help chair the square one art fundraiser. Wrapping paper is underway, packets went out last week. The book fairs are all chaired. Jacki is looking for a co-chair at each school, including the MS.

School Updates:

JP VP’s will be setting up their principal meeting soon.

Morse elevator construction has been completed, and the VP’s met with Mr. Holland and had a very productive meeting. Morse VP’s mentioned the need for bus monitors and Angel suggested emailing the Board of Education so that this can be put on their monthly meeting agenda.

W.I. meets this week with the principal.

M.S. will set up their principal meeting next week.

Other Updates:

Jacki mentioned a mini-grant request from Ms. Garibaldi to the board for approval. Her previous grant has expired and Jacki asked the board to consider giving her a new one. Angel agreed to circle back and review other grant requests to make sure the board remains consistent before approving this grant.

The VP’s all agreed to try and get their principals and teachers to join the PTA.

Mitch gave a brief explanation of Rivertown Parents to the board.

Andrea advised the board that orders will be taken for Spirit Wear. However, this will not be done until after back to school nights this year. Spirit Wear is considering making school specific apparel this year.

Our meeting adjourned at 10:07 AM, our next meeting is scheduled for Friday October 21st at 8:30 AM.   Speakers will be Mr. Chris Borsari, Superintendent and also the district Wellness Committee.