Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2016 Meeting


Jacki Geoghegan

Angel Rafter

Donna Gates

Mitch Sylves-Berry

Amada Reimundez

Elia Londono

Senia Sakarya

Dancy Balestrieri

Maribel Palacios-Perez

Karina Arreola

Kelley Anniccherico

David Neilsen

Nitasha Kumar


Our meeting was called to order at 8:40 A.M. by Jacki and Angel.

Superintendent Site Visit Recap

Angel gave a recap of the visit to Armonk for the Superintendent evaluation. They met with 3 groups of people. Teachers, Parents/students, and the administration (superintendent, heads of departments). The common thread was that Chris Borsari is honest, has a strong moral compass, hardworking and all about the students. Chris Borsari talked to the diversity issues in our district and is looking forward to working within the community, not just in the schools. All of the people interviewed are very sad to loose him. The overwhelming vote on the ride back was for Chris Borsari. Angel encouraged that we meet with the new superintendent as soon as you can with any issues.

Jacki made the announcement that during the next PTA meeting Dr. McCann, Mr. John Staiger and Ms. Pamela Rourke will present the budget detail to the group to help understand what is changing and to help encourage people to go out and vote. The Building committee will also be present to talk about capital work. All board members are expected to attend and we requested everyone come a few minutes before 8:30 as the presentation will begin at 8:30


Donna itemized the different fundraisers for the Middle School and Kelley will send the middle school vps a detailed list with the total dollar amounts the Middle School has to spend this week.  The highlighted issue was the wrapping paper loss. Several orders were stolen from the main office resulting in a $1000 loss. They still made money, just not as much as they should have. Donna’s father is making a lock box to prevent this from happening next year.

Donna discussed changing the wrapping paper to Yankee candle. The wrapping paper rep says that many schools alternate year to year. It was majority vote to keep the wrapping paper, maybe add the yankee candle to wrapping paper.

Looking for spring fundraiser. Suggestions were asked for in the last meeting. Amada said the Little Caesar’s pizza fundraiser worked in the preschool very well. She will send details to Donna later. A bulb fundraiser was mentioned, but a few members were not in favor bulbs, because it appears to be a lot of work for little payoff and more importantly, not everyone has a yard to plant. Jacki suggested a candy fundraiser perhaps for Valentines day. Mitch suggested Script, a gift card buying fundraiser, she will send more information later as well. We will bring materials to show everyone at the next meeting.

Square one art is well on it’s way. Order forms were sent home. Should be shipped before mothers day. You can go back and order past years online!

Cyber Parenting/ Internet awareness recap

Jacki thanked everyone who came out to the meeting. Gave many thanks to Jean O’Brien, couldn’t have done it without her. Jean and Jacki are working on a follow up, hands-on small group session that will cover using filters and parental controls, showing apps that their children may be using, etc. We discussed the little girl who went home after the meeting and told her parents about someone talking to her through Trivia Crack. Notices were sent home in Sleepy Hollow but not in Tarrytown. Question was asked if anything is being done for the 5th for internet awareness. Jacki said that the 5th grade PE classes the kids are being exposed to an age appropriate internet awareness program (digital passport) that educates kids in a game function.

Donna asked if there were any follow-ups to teach kids about stranger danger. It was pointed out that the email that was sent out by Pleasantville had great ideas and tips on how to talk to your kids about stranger danger. Karina requested that such notices be sent out as a flyer because not every family has internet access.

Mitch suggested that at back to school night that parents are given a chance to sign up for town notifications and the TUFSD site.

School Updates –

JP – Very successful book fair this year! Highest grossing bookfair ever at JP. PJ Party, good communication, weather, Clifford the big red dog were some of the reasons listed for the success.

Better communication is needed between Pre-k and K, Natasha met with Mrs. Barnett about how to improve this. Mrs. Barnett was very receptive to the suggestions. Pre-k will have it’s own back to school night and they will get a bus ride, like K does prior to the start of school.

Morse – Drop off is still a problem. The police officer is there but it is not really helping. Tickets need to be given to the offenders to make a difference.  Donna suggested copying Pleasantville, they are a walking school district. Donna will go and find out more and pass along the information to the appropriate people.

Dancy needs more money for trip around the community. It was denied.  Projects need to stay within the budgeted amount. It was suggested that they could use the VP fund if they decide that is where they want to spend the money. The request was for the backpacks. It was suggested to Dancy to find out from past chairs where they purchased the bags.

WI – Donna reported on Math Madness. Not a great turn out, but there were many competing sporting events on the same day. Year book is on schedule.

Middle School – Mitch told us about the successful dances they have had. A second one will be on April 1st. Coaches and teachers of the clubs are respecting the dance and adjusting their schedules around it.

2 children need scholarships for the DC trip. Middle School vps need to vote and approve to issue the funds. It was suggested that kids who get the scholarships pay back in community service, like they do for the band trip. How to do this without singling out children. Talk to band teacher to find out how they do it.

MS is doing booster ads in the yearbook, proceeds going to help purchase books for children in need. Jacki asked if the PTA was willing to sponsor an ad at the cost of $75. A vote was taken and all present were in favor.

Movie night was approved for MS students on the same night as the elementary movie night. The event is free, but a few parent chaperones will be needed. It will take place in the auditorium on 4/29.


Relay for Life update

Jacki asked if we should have a PTA team. Jacki will send out an email, since we were short on time.

Jacki concluded the meeting. Next one scheduled for April 15th.  Board member attendance required.