December 18, 2015 Meeting


Jacki Geoghegan

Angel Rafter

Paul Pirozzi

Jenn Bayliss

Donna Gates

Elia Londono

Nitasha Kumar

Senia Sakarya

Kelley Anniccherico

Andrea Gottschall

Mitch Sylves Berry

Dancy Balestrieri


-Welcome and Budget Items:

Our meeting was called to order at 8:45 A.M. by Jacki and Angel. P.T.A. treasurer Kelley Anniccherico advised the board members to get their expense receipts in from all past events.  All principal funds have been distributed.  Jacki explained to the board what the V.P. Fund is, and gave some examples of how it could be used. She also gave the VP’s discretion, Angel added that we should try and get creative with some fundraising ideas, since the fund is there in our budget.  Jacki mentioned that she, Angel and Kelley will need to work with the MS VP’s to set up a middle school budget with specific line-items.  Donna Gates volunteered to help out in a treasury capacity for the middle school next year. Angel noted that we will have one treasurer for the group, but would welcome help for the MS.

-Mini Grants

Jacki asked for someone representing each school to distribute copies of mini-grant applications. February 1st is the deadline to request mini-grants.  February 15th is the deadline to let applicants know if they were approved for a mini-grant.  The following board members agreed to volunteer with Jacki and Angel to help determine which applicants will be approved for a grant: Leah Mc Vey, Dancy Balestrieri, Andrea Gotschall, Mitch Sylves-Berry, Nitasha Kumar, Elia Londono and Senia Sekarya.  Jacki suggested that they should prioritize grant approval based on ideas that benefit the largest group of children.  This group will meet to distribute the $5,000 set aside for grants after the grant deadline of 2/1/16. The elementary VP’s took the applications and cover letters to distribute at their schools. The MS was not budgeted for this year. We will work with the MS VP’s to include funding for MS mini-grants next year.

-YMCA Request for Funding:

Jacki distributed a letter from Barbara Turk, the VP of Marketing and Community Outreach with the Tarrytown YMCA to the board. Jacki explained to Barbara that the P.T.A. contributed funding for the Royston Residency for the 3rd grade that Barbara referenced in her letter.   Barbara is requesting an additional $1,000.00 from the P.T.A for funding for the Spring Play at WI. The YMCA is now forced to pay for the ability to perform the plays, as the staff at WI requested they move away from Shakespeare plays which are public domain and have no cost to perform.  This amount has been built in to P.T.A. budgets in the past.  A motion was passed to distribute these additional funds and the vote passed unanimously with no abstentions.


-Coat Drive

We were pleasantly overwhelmed with the final results of our annual coat drive. More than 150 coats were donated by the community.  RG Laundromat/Green Machine (located on Main Street and John Street in Tarrytowns) volunteered to launder/dry-clean all of the coats.  They generously donated their time and resources and wanted to recognize them for their contribution. Coats are going to our social workers to be distributed, as the coat drive is now closed.

-Holiday Helpers Event

Jacki advised the board that many kids from the community were involved. Monday will be the deadline; Andrea mentioned that Spirit Wear will be sending some items as well.  Nitasha suggested that we create a year-round, ongoing help event.

-School Updates

JP- Jen advised the board that the holiday sing-along will be 1PM Tuesday December 22nd.  Andrea mentioned the need for volunteers for spirit wear at this event starting at 12:30 PM; she will speak with Tara about volunteer availability.

Morse- Dancy said that photo retake day went well. 1st graders were attending the Nutcracker play at the Westchester County Center today.

W.I. – Book Fair: The total sales were over $14,700. We receive 25%.  Monday kickoff was very well attended.  Jacki noted that holding the book fair during parent/teacher conferences was challenging, but also created a noticeable increase in attendance and revenues.

The W.I. upper sod field has been completed and should be ready for the spring.

Leah mentioned that the pick-up and drop-off routine at W.I. is more structured and pedestrian traffic has improved with more people using the designated crosswalks. N.Y. State is studying safer traffic patterns for the pick-up and drop-off area of W.I.

Ms. Massaro attended the solar panel forum last month as a representative of W.I. The solar panel/windmill has been installed alongside the W.I. upper field.

Lastly, it was noted that W.I. officially has a full time nurse on board.

MS- Dancy needs volunteers for the middle school book fair being held the last week of January; Dancy spoke with Scholastic about sending more mature, middle school age appropriate books. The link to the book fair will be added to the Horsemen website, and will also be included in Jean O’Brien’s email blast.  Dancy noted that the online element of the book fair will be better advertised this year as well.

Currently, the middle school has parent/teacher conferences once a year. Mitch and several board members feel there is a need for two conferences a year, as this is done in all other schools in the district.  Jacki and Angel agreed that this is something they should discuss with our interim Superintendent Mr. McCann.

-Spirit Wear

Andrea noted that they have decided to front-load their inventory for Spirit Wear. As a result, supplies are plentiful, W.I. winter concert brought in $300 in Spirit Wear.  Jacki suggested advertising the new white t-shirts for the spring color-run and Relay for Life events.

-Box Tops for Education

JP is already registered for Stop n Shop, Laura Richardson has agreed to register for Morse, and the W.I. student council handles this for their school.

-Other Updates

Mitch commented on the Coupon Book fundraiser and asked if there was a way to target previous book-buyers specifically and that we should advertise the event more in advance on social media sites the next time we hold this event.

Jacki mentioned that volunteer signup sheets should be used at back to school night in the middle school for Career Day, Book Fair and Staff Appreciation. Parents are interested in helping at the MS and having an opportunity to come into the school.

Lastly, Donna Gates advised the board of a critically ill 7th grade boy in our community.  She asked that we keep the boy in our thoughts and prayers.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 AM; our next meeting will be Friday, January 22nd.