December 14, 2015 Special Vote/Meeting


  1. Jacki Geoghegan
  2. Angel Rafter
  3. Paul Pirozzi
  4. Jennifer Bayliss
  5. Mitch Sylves-Berry
  6. David Neilsen
  7. Donna Gates
  8. Katie Scully
  9. Maribel Palacios-Perez
  10. Senia Sakarya
  11. Tara Schatzel
  12. Karina Arreola
  13. Andrea Gottschall
  14. Leah Mc Vey
  15. Paula Thaler
  16. Kelley Anniccherico
  17. Fiona Galloway
  18. Greg Galloway
  19. Dancy Balestrieri
  20. Jhoanna Segarra
  21. Pamela Louis
  22. Melissa Eisele-Kaplan
  23. Ginny Williams
  24. Amada Molina-Reimundez
  25. Andrea Harrison

Our meeting was called to order at 8:13 A.M. by Jacki and Angel. Board member Mitch Sylves-Berry motioned to merge the middle school P.T.A. into our elementary P.T.A., thereby creating one PreK-8th grade P.T.A. unit.  Dancy Baliesteri seconded the motion.  Donna Gates voiced her belief that this would create unity, as well as one P.T.A. resource for the elementary school community.  Pam Louis mentioned that the result would be a more cohesive board.  Maribel stated that the new structure would create ease of communication within the board.  David Neilsen called a vote on this issue.  The result of the vote: 25 Yeas and no oppositions.

Mitch motioned to rename the E.P.T.A. unit to Horsemen P.T.A., within IRS regulations and guidelines. Kelley Anniccherico seconded the motion.  David mentioned that this name change is necessary because with the merge, we are no longer simply an elementary P.T.A. unit.  Jen Bayliss stated that the name change would be more reflective of our community.  Kelley, our treasurer, advised the board that the merge and name change would be easier from an accounting perspective.  Leah Mc Vey called for a vote for the name change.  The result of the vote: 25 Yeas and no oppositions

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 AM; our next meeting will be Friday, December 18th.