June 5th PTA Meeting (Approved Minutes)

June 5, 2015 PTA Meeting at Administration Building


Jacki Geoghegan

Angel Rafter

Paul Pirozzi

Tara Schatzel

Jennifer Bayliss

Mitch Sylves-Berry

David Neilsen

Jennifer Povman

Donna Gates

Meg Greenberg

Kelley Anniccherico

Karina Arreola

Andrea Gottschall

Katie Scully

Carol Banino (Board of Education)

Welcome, Introductions and Board Update:

Our meeting was started at 8:06 A.M. by Jacki and Angel.  Jacki introduced the board to Carol Banino from the Board of Education.  Members of the PTA went around the table and introduced themselves.  Carol started by stating that the BOE will be working on future goals to be set over the summer with an emphasis on foreign language improvements, dual language, and technology.  Carol opened the floor to questions.  The PTA board asked why there wasn’t more timely communication regarding Dr. Hand leaving W.I. Principal to be the new Director of Curriculum and instruction.   The PTA board also expressed their concerns over Dr. Clouet leaving as School Superintendent.  Pam requested that there be an exit interview with Dr. Clouet regarding any open issues or unfinished projects that he may have.  Carol advised the PTA Board that the best summary of the situation was that they (Board of Ed) are interviewing candidates for interim Superintendent and Principal with great credentials and energy.  The existing candidates seem very knowledgeable, from diverse districts and that someone should be in place by July 1st.  Jacki assured Carol that the PTA and the Board of Education are partners, on the same side, and will continue to work together. Carol and the PTA Board agreed that we keep communication a two way street by keeping the phone lines open, and sending emails, and messages.    Carol agreed to come back after the summer to talk more about updates and The Board of Education’s goals.  Lastly, Carol recommended the Math Club for MS students.  This program is being offered at the Warner Library every other Thursday and is hosted by Dr. Noah Zamdmer at 7:45 PM.

Budget Update

Kelley asked that the Board please fill out our check form when requesting funds.  All forms can be found on the Horseman PTA website, under volunteer resources.   Kelley also asked that receipts be in before June 30th. No reimbursements will be made after that time as our fiscal year ends.

Jacki noted 2 budget item updates.  1) Leah requested the publishing budget be increased from $150 to $250 and the Board voted yes.  2) A Morse field day budget increase from $150 to $350 for inflatables, and the Board agreed that maybe this would be possible for next year, if the PE teachers request inflatibles. Otherwise, the budget for this event will be kept at $150.  Jacki and Angel are working on a June PTA Newsletter to be distributed in the next week or two.  The newsletter has been approved by Dr. Clouet, and list the many accomplishments of the PTA this school year.  Elementary VP’s will need to make copies and have them in school office boxes.  An email with the newsletter will go out soon.

Volunteer Coordinator

The new position of Volunteer Coordinator has been created on the PTA Board.  Jacki and Angel are pleased to announce that Tara Schatzel will be the Board’s first Volunteer Coordinator.  The coordinator will compile lists of the PTA events, and then follow up with the volunteers for each event, so that no volunteer falls through the cracks.  The volunteer coordinator also will keep control of thank you notes.  Tara agreed to work closely with VP’s and class parents. VP’s, please leave all of the volunteer forms that come in from the summer packets in your mailboxes at the school for Tara to collect.

Volunteer Luncheon

Jacki asked that everyone please RSVP their attendance commitment to the appreciation luncheon that will be held Tuesday June 9th at Pierson Park, or the administration building if inclement weather.

Plans for Next Year

The Board still needs 1st grade representation, and JP needs a chairperson.  Morse, WI and Middle School Book Fairs and Photo Day are all set up for next year.  Jacki and Angel thanked Kimberly Marcus who will be moving up to the Middle School.


On Thursday, May 28th Jacki attended a press conference sponsored by the NY Suburban Consortium for Public Education.  They are urging parental involvement in preventing passage of the Education Transformation Act of 2015, which is set to go into law June 30, 2015.  Among other issues, it deals with changing our teacher evaluations and appraisal process.  Please review the email that Jacki sent the board on June 1st with more details regarding the signing of a petition to fight passage of this unfair law.

Fundraising and Color Run Event

Donna Gates talked about the Sep. 21st 2 week wrapping paper fundraiser.  We will be using the company, “Charleston Wrap”, who was the vendor for this in the 2013-2014 school year.  Donna will be meeting with each school’s Principal to discuss programs to promote this effort for each school.  She will need 1 chair per school and 3 or 4 volunteers.  Photo Day will be spread out over 3 separate days next school year; October 13th, 20th and 21st.  The board recommended that the wrapping paper fundraiser event be added to Jean’s weekly email blast to the community, and posted on the Horseman PTA website.

The Color run is set for June 20th and Donna passed around a volunteer sign up list to the Board.  They will need volunteers for 7 A.M. set up.

School Updates

JP- field day and spring concert preparations are currently in progress.

Morse- trip around the community went well.  The publishing event has been completed.  Field Day preparation is also in progress.  The Used Book Drive is being fully supported Mr. Holland.  Deliveries will happen over the next few weeks, some boxes have already arrived.  They will be sorted the week of June 15th for kids in need.  The Board suggested in the future, branching out and emails from class parents at schools other than Morse, and that the information be included in Jean’s weekly email.

W.I.- Field Day is set for June 19th, and although WI lower field is closed, everything is on schedule.

MS- The trip to Washington D.C. went well.  8th grade recognition night is coming up soon.  Yearbooks are being sold in the cafeteria through parent volunteers.

Summer Packets

Jacki and Tara are working on updating the packets.  They will be done for the end of school year, and they will include Spirit Wear order forms.

Rivertown Update

Jen mentioned that Meg Kaufer, community organizer and founder of STEM Alliance of Larchmont/Mamoroneck, spoke on Wednesday, April 29th at the “Full Steam Ahead” initiative.   Discussing what parents need to know about incorporating science, math, engineering and technology into their child’s education. Jen also mentioned that the 5 or 6 events from this year all went well.  She is hoping for an event hosted by Jessica Lehey this fall, possibly October 22nd.  Ideas for next year include; cybersecurity and safety, as well as technology.