Meeting Minutes

September 2014 PTA Approved Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2014


Paul Pirozzi

Julia Reimer

Mitch Sylves-Berry

Andrea Gottschall

Fiona Galloway

Greg Galloway

Pamela Louis

Bonnie Boyce

Kelley Anniccherico

Jennifer Bayliss

Jacki Geoghegan

Donna Gates

Virginia Lustyik

Tara Schatzel

Angel Rafter

Jen Povman

Meg Greenburg

David Neilsen

Leah McVey

Welcome and Introductions:

Our meeting started at 8:05 A.M., Introductions were made again and Bonnie gave an explanation of SEPTA’s functions, informing everyone that a joint meeting with the PTA will probably happen soon.  Their next meeting will be held on October 7th at J.P. in the evening, including a discussion of Special Education and the Common Core.


The 2014-2015 Estimated Budget vs. 2013-2014 Actual Budget was distributed at our meeting, along with a sample Check Request Form.  This year the budget is tighter, due to less earned last year at book fair and other events (brutal winter and traffic issues from TZee Bridge ramp closure).  Kelley discussed Middle School budget, requesting cash denomination breakdowns when submitting charitable funds. It was recommended that they would keep the elementary and middle school separate for finance purposes.  The board suggested including Bus drivers appreciation items in the budget as well (possible gift certificates).


Greg Galloway is adding editor functionality for all PTA members.  Each member should’ve received an invitation via email from WordPress.  If you have not received that email, please advise Greg via email,  Volunteer forms are being added to our PTA website under the Volunteer Form Tab.  Jean Obrien is giving the PTA website a breakdown by grade.  Flyers that go out are being updated to include our web address.

Class Parent Teas

Welcome letter forms were distributed at back to school nights.  The grade VP’s need to communicate to coordinators that the folders be ready for the class parent tea events.

PTA Administrative Items

The board was notified of the copier machine location upstairs in the admin. Building, and the supply closet in the room behind the fireplace on the first floor.  All flyers that go out need Dr. Clouet’s approval beforehand.  Please submit flyers to  We are working on getting building dedicated translators in the near future, which should help to keep things running more efficiently.  We need to find out from Jean O’Brien when the deadline is to include information in the weekly email blasts that she sends out.


Box tops donations are 10 cents each and we should better publicize how much, and what we do with the revenue received.  Perhaps a grade wide box top competition could be held.  Board also discussed ways that we could get the community involved by posting drop boxes in the library, senior centers, Kendall and other local venues.  Laura Richardson should be notified.  The direct donation letters that will be replacing the wrapping paper drive should have paypal account capabilities.  Greg Galloway thinks this is something that can be done fairly easily.  Letter should include paypal information as well as the field trips/and or other benefits created as a result of the funds being raised.  There is a Goodshop link on the Horseman PTA website, located under the Blogroll tab.  The board acknowledged the success in allowing water bottles in classrooms and suggested adding BPA Free clear water bottles to the Spirit Wear inventory, and to include a “Your Name” label on the bottle as well.  We also discussed a “Teacher” driven Spirit Wear fundraiser, because many teachers have shown an interest in the merchandise in the past.  Flyers will be going out for Spirit Wear in Early October.  Donna Gates had some literature from “D Fun Shops” that could be set up in the schools (perhaps W.I. and up) where kids could shop during lunch hour for example, perhaps twice a week.  However, there may be a rule in place, prohibiting students from spending money during school hours, in the schools.  If the rule exists, perhaps a kiosk can be set up during Friday movie night for this idea.

School Updates

Andrea started with W.I.  A VP meeting is scheduled for October 3rd.  Mitch from the middle school mentioned the book swap in February, and David said he can supply a starter batch of books; Mitch is going to check on the need for that.  Jacki mentioned a meeting that she is having on Monday September 22nd with Mr. Gentile regarding organization of the yearbook event.  The membership “Join EPTA” forms copies are being made by Donna Gates.  Leah met with Mr. Holland and an auditorium renovation is in the future for Morse.  Leah also mentioned that the 20 minute interval of arrival and dismissal is very chaotic; specifically the cross walks at Morse School.  She is looking in to getting a Sleepy Hollow officer from the precinct to volunteer during those times of day.  She will keep communicating with SH police Dept. and a letter will be sent to the trustees if needed.  Thanksgiving flyers forms (Carmines) will be going out.  Jacki will provide Leah with an email contact.  Also, Leah is verifying if all Chairs are set up at Morse.  J.P. needs to have 1 class parent take the lead on communicating with PTA and with the teachers.

Open Discussion

Pam has been getting information on the Scripts National Spelling Bee.  Greenburgh seems to be the only town participating.  It seems that Tarrytown may be able to join in under Greenburgh.  Grades 4 through 8 are eligible, and a sponsor (probably corporate) would probably help Tarrytown to getting into the contest.  Jacki mentioned Family Science Night and questioned if it will be in the fall or winter.

Next Meeting scheduled for Friday October 24 at 8 A.M.