Create a True Opportunity Agenda for NYS Children

Governor Cuomo is proposing a host of “education reforms” and is hinging increased school aid on the legislature passing these reforms. The petition addresses the following:

1. Funding is too low and will cause our property taxes to continue to rise.
2. The reform of having standardized tests count for 50% of teachers’ evaluations is misguided for a host of reasons, including that it puts far too much pressure on young children to have their performance determine their teachers’ futures.
3. The reform of an outside evaluator determining any part of a teachers’ evaluation is misguided, as a one-time snapshot tells only a partial story and as the cost will likely fall on us.
4. The reform of bringing in a receiver to take over a “failing” school is misguided for many reasons, including that local boards of education who are accountable to us should make decisions about our districts, and that the cost will likely fall on us.

Here is the link. If these reforms pass — and they have a good chance because Gov. Cuomo is hinging increased school aid on that — we fear that serious detriment follow: