Thank You!

As the 2013-2014 school year has ended, we would like to extend a few heartfelt thank yous.


Thank you to all parents who have supported the EPTA throughout the school year. If you supported us as a board member, an event chair, a volunteer at an event, by becoming a member, by participating in one of our fundraisers, or though one of countless other ways throughout the year – your contribution matters and we thank you! We are a volunteer organization that appreciates all that you have done to help us enrich the school year for each and every child in our district.  We look forward to another successful and happy school year in 2014-2015!


Thank you to our outgoing board members who gave of their time this school year.  This year just wouldn’t have been the same without you:

Renee Kashuba, JP VP

Louise O’Sullivan, 3rd Grade VP, WI

Gayle Millstein, 5th Grade VP, WI


And a special thank you to David Neilsen, who has served as the EPTA President for the past three (3) years. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your leadership! Under David’s leadership the EPTA; was instrumental in fundraising efforts for the WI Playground,  increased advocacy for all students in our district and including our EPTA in the Rivertown Parents organization.