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Were You Aware? Enrichment Opportunities at Morse

Enrichment Opportunities for Second Graders at Morse

Great things are happening in our district! As pulled from the district website:

Second grade students will receive enrichment opportunities as a whole class, instead of as a pull-out program.  The goal behind this format is to provide all students with early exposure to enrichment opportunities.  These early opportunities may foster interests and talents which can further cultivate differentiated enrichment opportunities in later grades.

Each month, each of the second grade classes will each receive a new enrichment lesson provided by one of our challenge teachers: Mrs. Massaro, for the first half of the year, or Mrs. Hickey, for the second half.  Other lessons will be coordinated with grade level team leaders in order to enhance the curriculum on topics such as citizenship and critical thinking skills.

 To learn more, check out the article posted 11/9/13 about the Second Graders trip to Peabody on the district website.